medical and social center for an urban area

medical and social center for an urban area

Medigest entrusted 2001 with the design of this building entirely at the service of the individual, including a medical center bringing together numerous specialties (pediatrics, dentistry, cardiology, physical therapy, ophthalmology, etc.), a pharmacy, a day care center, a café and a yoga space, making this building a public and social place.

What particularly distinguishes this building is the treatment of its facade, witness of the exoskeleton structure in exposed reinforced concrete. A facade with a regular and repetitive grid, and, as the architects explain, “uniform, generic but absolute to the point of dissolving, its rhythm aims at comfort and assurance”. It is defined on the minimal ergonomics of a medical office, the intimate relationship between a patient and his doctor.

On the first floor, the volume is set back from the structural façade to define a covered passageway, like the arcades found in some European metropolis buildings. This covered passageway extends the public space and creates additional convenience for patients, clients and professionals.

Inside, the total openness to the landscape defines the spaces. The countryside invites itself through the window. Exposed and sanded concrete, stainless steel and aluminum are also used.

Client : Medigest
Architect: 2001
Civil Engineer: MyCon
Technical engineer: Dal Zotto
Gross built area: 3500 m² (3,500 sq.ft.)
Realization : 2016 – 2019
Location: Kayl

Quelle : PAPERJAM 2021
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